Purchase An Intermission Page PageRank & Traffic Campaign

How about getting a huge boost in traffic and page rank! We give you an opportunity to do that by following some simple steps.

How does it work? You will be adding a text link that will be displayed in every Intermission Page on our content network. That's right! You will get exposure at hundreds of places with just a single placement.  This will drive a massive amount of PageRank and Traffic to your site -- and best of all you only pay a small flat-rate charge for it!

Your link will be added at the first spot of five available spots. When a user buys a new link then you will be moved to the second spot, then the third, etc. until your link is finally removed. This means that your link may be displayed for several days without having to pay a single penny more.

Once your link is out, then you can re-purchase and be back at spot #1.


  Intermission Cash Network Stats
Total Intermission Pages: 34
Weekly Impressions: The last 7 days our network had a total of 2 impressions.
Terms: This link has a price of $2.95 usd
  Create Text Link
First you must configure your text link and then you will be taken to PayPal to make your payment to put it live!
Destination URL:
Enter the URL to which the users will be taken when they click on your link.
Enter a small title for your link.